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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Limo?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips – and unfortunately it’s not always a straightforward answer. There are lots of factors that can affect how much it costs to hire a limo. and if you’ve used the same provider as a friend or acquaintance, it might be puzzling to try and figure out how you’ve got such a drastically different price to them. Well, we are here to help with all that! This week on the blog, we’re lifting the lid on some of the major things that affects limo hire pricing.

The 5 main things that affect how much it costs to hire a limo are:
1. The type of limo
2 .The type of occasion (and any extras)
3. The distance or destination
4. The time of day or week
5. The hourly rate set by the company

To explain further..

1. The type of Limo – This is one of the most obvious factors affecting the cost of limos. The newer and more extravagant the vehicle, naturally the more costly it will be to hire.

2 .The type of occasion (and any extras) – You may find pretty significant differences between the cost of a limo for a night out on the town, and a fully decked-out wedding limo, complete with ribbons and bows in matching wedding colours. National holidays and celebrations are also times when limo hire can get more expensive, so if you’re after a romantic limousine for Valentine’s Day, it’s always best to book early!

3. The distance or destination
– This is a rule that varies quite a bit between different service providers, but generally the closer your destination, the lower the price will be.

4. The time of day or week
– More people will look to hire limos on weekends, so try and get your event scheduled for a weekday if possible – you’ll probably be able to enjoy a slight reduction in cost! It’s broadly the same rule for the time of day, too – people are more inclined to book their limos for an evening, so they often have a higher hourly rate

5. The hourly rate set by the company
– The hourly rate of limo hire can at times be fairly arbitrary, given that it’s often set by the service providers themselves. It’s often determined – at least in part – by the type of limo, and can be affected by another whole range of internal factors