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Party bus – much more fun than a regular bus!

You’ve just turned 21 and want to celebrate it with your friends. After all, turning 21 means you are now old enough to drink liquor, so certainly, your 21st birthday party will no doubt be fun! You’ve booked a venue for your birthday party at a very affordable price, you also got a discount on the catering and other party related things. However, there is just one problem, the venue is over 1 hour away from your home. Given that it’s your birthday party, and there will be plenty of drinking involved, it wouldn’t make sense for you to drive that far. Certainly, its better if you rent a bus for you and your friends so everyone can enjoy themselves without having to risk being caught for drunk driving. Accordingly, instead of renting a bus, what if you rented a party bus? A party bus is much like a limo, with the same set of luxurious amenities found in most limousines.

Regular bus vs a party bus:

In a regular bus, you would simply sit and wait to arrive at your destination. Certainly, the ride can be boring and not much is going on. However, in a party bus, you can get the party started before even getting to the venue. A party bus has large speakers for club like music, laser lights, strobes, disco balls, black lights and other features that will get you and your friends in the mood to party. What makes a party even more fun is that you can start drinking with your friends. Some party buses also have a dancing pole in the middle. So, certainly some naughty girls might just perform a pole dance just for the fun of it. Certainly, a party bus will make your 21st birthday party the most memorable experience of your life.

Party buses are much like limousines:

If you have ever been inside a limo, you know how luxurious and prestigious these vehicles can be. Inside these vehicles, there can be a host of amenities and even a minibar. Accordingly, party bus is much like a limo. However, while a limo can only accommodate few individuals, a party bus is designed to accommodate several individuals and is designed for party tours. So, for you upcoming birthday party, do consider party bus rental in Redlands, your friends will love it!

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